Self-certification required

The self-certification form (or self-declaration) is needed to move during the restrictions for the coronavirus (Covid-19) and has been changed several times. The latest version is the one published by the Ministry of the Interior on Thursday 26th March.

Those who are stopped by the police will have to declare that they are aware of the new prohibitions imposed by the government decree to contain the infection and, above all, the new sanctions that establish a fine from 400 euros to 3,000 euros for all those who do not respect the rules. The risk is that of being reported, especially if in a situation of ascertained positivity.

As for the previous ones, the new (fourth) self-certification form is valid throughout Italy. It is not necessary to have one with you when you leave the house, the police will give you one to fill in when they stop you.

The reasons why moving is allowed are: proven working needs; absolute urgency (“for transfers to a different municipality”, as required by art. 1, paragraph 1, letter b) of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers 22 March 2020); situation of necessity (for movements within the same municipality or which are of a daily nature or which, however, are usually carried out due to the brevity of the distances to be traveled) health reasons.

The new form in Pdf format:

To facilitate residents of different languages ​​in Italy, self-certification forms have been translated (from the and freely made available “to help foreign citizens present in Italy who do not read our language well”.


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